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(Video from the 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Event. 1st Stop, Austin)

(Video from the 2015 Rock it like a Redhead Event. 2nd Stop, Nashville)



What Is Rock it like a Redhead? 

HowtobeaRedhead.com takes its cyber platform to life with red carpet beauty and fashion events called, Rock it like a Redhead. The Rock it like a Redhead Nationwide Beauty Tour will be kicking off in 2015. Dates are scheduled as followed in 2015: 

1. Austin, April 30th. EVENT COMPLETE. See photos here. 

2. Nashville, June 18th. EVENT COMPLETE. See photos here.

3. Seattle, August 13th. EVENT COMPLETE. See photos here.

4. Chicago, September 10th. EVENT COMPLETE. See photos here.

5. New York City, November 5th. National Love Your Red Hair Day! EVENT COMPLETE. See photos here.

About The 2015 Tour: 

HowtobeaRedhead.com takes its cyber platform on the world’s-first red carpet beauty and fashion tour called Rock it like a Redhead. 

The 2015 tour will be premiering in five cities across America: Austin (April 30th), Nashville (June 18th), Seattle (August 13th), Chicago (September 10th) and New York City (November 5th).The events are live, red carpet events focused on the beauty and fashion of redheaded women. Experts in the field of makeup, hair, skin and nails are handpicked by the co-founders of How to be a Redhead, co-producers of Rock it like a Redhead, and sisters, Adrienne Vendetti Hodges and Stephanie Vendetti. “When attending beauty events, we always felt singled out. We couldn’t find products that agreed with or complemented our sensitive skin. We wanted to create a live space where redheads could find expert beauty and fashion advice, and where our website, HowtobeaRedhead.com could be taken to life,” says Hodges. 

The sisters have collaborated with The Hope Bag Mission as the charity for the tour. The Hope Bag Mission aims to distribute beauty bags to non-profit organizations that house and recover victims who are rescued from human trafficking throughout the country. “We strive to make our most vulnerable women and girls feel safe, valuable and beautiful during their difficult transition,” says founder, Sharon Hackney-Robinson. 

How to be a Redhead and Rock it like a Redhead Events are proud to give 10% of all ticket proceeds to The Hope Bag Mission. “Just like How to be a Redhead, The Hope Bag Mission uses beauty to lift women up,” says Vendetti. “Our team will be delivering Hope Bags to shelters in each city: Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Chicago and New York City.”

The confidence-inspiring events do not stop at beauty and fashion. Redhead rockstar, Shayne Leighton from Spectra Music Group, will be touring with How to be a Redhead and performing in each city. “We know we have to pull out all the stops, so we’re bringing more live music to each event” says Vendetti. “Shayne Leighton will be performing alongside The Redhead Express in Nashville and Katrina Stone in Seattle. It’s going to be amazing!” Sponsors like Kenra Professional, AILA Cosmetics, Billion Dollar BrowsKohl’s.. and are just a few of the brands who will be participating in this never-done-before event series.

Redheads are rejoicing about the Rock it like a Redhead Tour through How to be a Redhead’s 100,000+ social media audience.

“For once, redheads are being taken seriously. I love what How to be a Redhead is doing and can’t wait to ROCK IT..,” says Sarah Miller via Instagram. “I am simply amazed at the great success the two sisters have had with this journey that they had decided to start..,” Shannon Brady announced on Facebook. The sisters encourage redheads to bring their non-redhead friends to the Rock it like a Redhead events. Red hair accessories, redhead extensions and wigs will be available.“

First and foremost, the events are about empowering women,” Hodges states. 

The final stop on the Rock it like a Redhead Tour, New York City, on November 5th will be on National Love Your Red Hair Day -- a day How to be a Redhead created. 

 More Videos from the 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event in New York, NY

About the Sisters

Stephanie (left) and Adrienne (right) Vendetti are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads and Founders of the redhead brand, How to be a Redhead. How to be a Redhead is empowering every redhead woman to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their beauty. Red hair is more than a color, it's a lifestyle! 

The redhead sisters have coined the phrase "Rock it like a Redhead" as the tag line for their blog posts and social media photos to proclaim that it's all about rockin' your red hair with certainty and spunk. Due to the large following behind the How to be a Redhead brand, the sister duo have Co-Produced and Founded the Rock it like a Redhead events. “When attending beauty events, I always felt singled out. I could not find products that agreed with or complimented my sensitive skin. We wanted to create a space where red could be celebrated,” says Adrienne Vendetti.

Stephanie and Adrienne are hands on with each and every aspect of the Rock it like a Redhead events, everything from the products in the gift bags to the look and feel of the venue. Their goal is for evey event to have a red carpet, fashionable feel because they want every redhead attending to have this be the most glamorous night of their life. 


About the Venues

Austin: Palm Door on Sabine, April 30th 2015 ✓ See photos here.

Nashville: Johnny Cash Museum, June 18th 2015  See photos here.

Seattle: 1927 Events, August 13th 2015  See photos here.

Chicago: Ovation Chicago, September 10th 2015  See photos here.

New York City: Gibney Dance Agnes Varies Center for Performing Arts, Studio C, November 5th 2015 - National Love Your Red Hair Day!  See photos here.